Hickman’s Tree Maintenance & Tower Hire has a range of tree services we are able to provide in Bendigo and surrounding areas. We have the training and skills needed to safely operate tree machinery to remove whole branches or trees from your property. We also offer pruning, general maintenance and environmental works to remove weedy brush and ground coverings.

Tree Maintenance

At Hickman’s Tree Maintenance we are professional Bendigo arboriculturalists and arborists, this means we are specialists in the establishment, management and maintenance of trees. Tree lopping is a generic term that we often hear used when the actual service required is tree trimming, tree maintenance or tree removal. “Tree lopping” is a crude process –...
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Tree Removal

From our 12-plus staff of qualified arborists, some have been with our company for more than 20 years. We not only have the equipment, but the expertise and experience needed to tackle an extensive range of tree removal jobs. Whether you need one tree removed or 500, trust Hickman’s Tree Maintenance & Tower Hire to...
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Stump Grinding

Hickman’s Tree Maintenance & Tower Hire provides stump removal and grinding in Bendigo and surrounding areas, to ensure a smooth and flat surface which is both safe and attractive post-tree and stump removal. No one wants a gaping hole in the ground where a tree once was, plus leaving a hole in the ground poses...
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