At Hickman’s Tree Maintenance we are professional Bendigo arboriculturalists and arborists, this means we are specialists in the establishment, management and maintenance of trees.

Tree lopping is a generic term that we often hear used when the actual service required is tree trimming, tree maintenance or tree removal. “Tree lopping” is a crude process – at Hickman’s Tree Maintenance we do not lop trees. We prune, trim, remove and maintain trees as qualified environmental arborists.

At Hickman’s we are the preferred council contractors (central Victoria, Bendigo and districts), qualified arborists and experts in tree pruning and maintenance. Hickman’s are fully Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) qualified.

Our tree maintenance services include:

  • rope harnessing and climbing
  • tree consultancy
  • palm-tree transplanting
  • tree trimming
  • tree surgery

Hickman’s are fully-insured arborists, for tree services or tree maintenance in Bendigo, pleaseĀ contact us.